The Process of Working with Cassandra

Any garment or event can be the inspiration for custom clothing – whether it's designing a unique look for a special occasion, creating careerwear that stands out, transforming an heirloom garment, or building costumes for dance and theatre. Cassandra Holden designs custom clothing and wearable art to express your individual style.

The Collaboration Experience
  • initial consultation and design session -- to define the vision, explore fabrics and colors, consider embellishment options, create the design, and take measurements. Patterns can be archived for future projects.
  • muslin mockup – to evaluate the fit and style.
  • garment creation with 2-4 fittings – Timing and fittings vary with each project. Some fittings can be consolidated over a weekend to accommodate out of town clients.

Artisanal Techniques

Traditional artisanal techniques such as pleating, appliqué, pin-tucking, piecing, beading, hand embroidery, dyeing, and kaleidoscopic overlay can be employed to embellish and enhance any garment.

Hand Embroidery
Fabric Flowers
Lace Appliqué


Finding the right fabrics is fundamental to creating the overall design. Through Cassandra's network of artists, fabrics can be sourced nationwide, or can be custom produced, printed, silk screened, hand dyed or hand woven.